Robin Bertram

Author, seasoned conference speaker and former host of the nationally syndicated
television program, “Freedom Today,” Robin Bertram brings a wealth of knowledge
and experience to women’s platforms across the country. Robin’s passion for the
Word, love for people, and heart to serve were developed early on in life as a “PK”
and continued through her life’s journey.
Robin has been a leader of media leaders for 25 years and has placed several
Christian programs onto the national and international stage. She previously held
various leadership roles for Christian Women in Media Association; Regional
Director, National Director of Regions, and Vice President of Media Relations.
Currently, she is Vice President the Woman2Woman Ministry which brings women
ministry leaders together for connection, mentorship, and networking.
Robin Bertram is also CEO of Bertram & Ross Consulting, which provides
comprehensive training and services to assist and empower other kingdom
professionals in the areas of social media, marketing, content generation, customer
engagement, and business analysis.
In addition to No Regrets (Charisma House Publishing), Robin’s third book, Hidden
Treasures; finding hope at the end of life's journey (Abingdon Press) is a rich
resource for families who are hurting. She is also a contributor to Charisma
Magazine, Charisma News, LivingBetter50 and Hope is Now magazines.
Robin often appears as a keynote speaker at women’s conferences, retreats and
media seminars, where her straightforward approach and in-depth biblical insight is
healing hearts and transforming lives. Impacting, influencing and investing in
women, her mission and message are simple; to spread the Gospel across the world
as she delivers vibrant messages of encouragement, freedom, and victory in Jesus

Come listen to Robin and have your life changed!

Debra Tendrich

Debra Tendrich is the Founder and CEO of a non-profit organization called Eat Better Live Better (EBLB). The mission of Eat Better Live Better is to combat and control childhood obesity by creating nutritional programs that create permanent change within families and communities. Debra was obese as a child and became an obese adult. Weighing almost 200 pounds and only standing only 5’1, Debra was diagnosed with high cholesterol and decided to make a shift into a healthy lifestyle. She dedicated 30 days to workout daily and to learn to eat healthy. During those 30 days, she fell in love with health and fitness, thus began her journey. 

Even though Debra lost 70 pounds and dropped her cholesterol by almost 100 points, she still believes the biggest transformation she made was the impact she made by influencing her daughter. Her new healthy lifestyle directly impacted her child and that gave her the inspiration to continue her journey. Her daughter, Amira, was borderline ADHD, and by applying the principles of EBLB and proper nutrition, all the symptoms disappeared. 

Since 2014, she has dedicated her time volunteering at schools and providing a tremendous amount of community outreach and service. She donated over 600 backpacks and school supplies throughout the Palm Beach County Schools, volunteers for Career Days, helps organize anti-bullying pep-rallies and speaks to students and teachers about fitness and nutrition. She also implements a program that transitions children, families and communities into a healthy lifestyle. Debra is dedicated to making a huge impact in the community and thrives to become a community leader to create a positive and permanent change in the overall health of the community. 

Not only is she implementing her program throughout Palm Beach County, she is also involved with several other organizations and always helps when help is needed. Currently, Debra sits on the Advisory Board for the FAU School of Social Work and is also a board member for the Palm Beach County Crime Prevention Officers Association(PBCCPOA). Currently Debra is co-chairing the counties nutrition initiative with the Birth to 22 Project and sits on the Hunger Relief and Nutrition Education Committees with the United Way PBC. She is a very active member of the Boca Chamber of Commerce and is also an Ambassador. She is a Leadership Boca Graduate and just graduated from the GLASS Leadership Program through the ADL (Anti-Defamation League). Debra sits on the committee for the League of Women Voters Complete Count Census Committee and the PBC Multicultural Census Committee. 

Dede Lomenick

Dede Lomenick is a joyful yet perpetually tired pastor's wife and mama to three amazing girls - ages 23, 18 and 17. (And yes, having three girls at those ages is as expensive as it sounds. Just the personal care products alone....)

She loves speaking and performing stand up comedy and has a passionate desire to see people live life to the fullest.  She writes original comedy material and song parodies about her life, family and mostly about the ridiculous situations she finds herself in! Dede has been speaking, singing and entertaining in one form or another for over 25 years.  She also loves to write about herself in the third person which is weird but not harmful most of the time.  

Dede is the founder of Unleashed - an event designed to help women to discover and leverage their gifts to impact the world around them.   She also created an original comedy event in South Florida known as the Divine MOMedy featuring stand-up comedy, song parodies and her all-girl band The Raging Hormones.

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